For today’s holiday, I experienced Christmas mass for the first time earlier today.  It was a rather interesting experience.  As someone who was raised Jewish, I rather liked that the mass was in English only (I hated never understanding the Hebrew being spoken and I don’t know Latin).   There’s a level of ritual that the Catholics have that I can appreciate, although there’s a lot that I don’t really understand.  What’s the significance of the insense?  Or of the cross that they parade down the center isle every now and again?  I love the way the church looked… it was beautiful, with great stained glass, some beautiful sculptures, etc.  Although there were paintings of Jesus in the process of being crucified, which was a bit morbid for my tastes.  Anyway, it was an interesting experience that I’m glad I was able to have.  Heathen’s greetings and Godzilla bless us everyone!